Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pattern Palooza

Woo Hoo! I think I went from six to only three doses of the pain medication yesterday. This means that probably for the first day in two weeks, I was awake more than I was asleep! While I've been on the mend, I've noticed three new spring collections -- New Look, Burda and Vogue.

I think spring collections are my favorites because it's all about the dress! These did not disappoint. New Look is first. Please forgive the wonky formatting. Blogger and I are not friends today.

Fav!                                                                            Happiness!

Misses' Tops or DressesMisses' Dresses

There are very few maxi dresses I don't like.
Misses' Dresses

Love a breezy skirt.                                   Knit coordinates! What's not to love??
Misses' SkirtsMisses' Just 4 Knits Separates

And here comes Burda! I'm glad these are on the Simplicity site, so I can read them in English. I just wish the Simplicity site was designed differently. It's too hard to pull good-sized pictures of the patterns.

I think this is my fav. Summer can't get here quick enough.
Burda Style Dress & T-Shirt

Close runner-up for favorite. How hot is this top? Two things I love cowl-y/drape-y neckline and a tie.
Burda Style Dress & T-Shirt

More maxi love! How cool is the skirt??!
Burda Style SkirtBurda Style Dress & T-Shirt

These look chic and comfy.
Burda Style Coordinates

Thinking about this one                                     Pants!
Burda Style DressBurda Style Pants

On to Vogue! (I kept the pictures the same size as the ones from the Simplicity site.)  Some of the designer patterns are also in larger sizes!!! Thanks Vogue!

I just want the top.                                                       Winner!

Dresses and more dresses!

Last, but not least

On to what would be a fave, if I had the skill to make it.  I love this top! I'd like to pair it with wide-legged, dressy pants.


Vogue, I do have a bone to pick with you. Not one single Very Easy Vogue Custom Fit Dress?? Guess I've been spoiled. And *ahem* it looks like you're still working out the bugs with the pictures.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Four-Hour increments

Went to the doctor on Thursday and had surgery on Monday. Not emergency surgery; when I looked at my workload, the best time to be out for two weeks was now.

The great thing is that everything went smoothly [insert praise dance here]. The good thing is that since I knew I'd be confined to the bed, my house is uncharacteristically neat. Sunday afternoon found me sitting among piles of patterns as I rethought how to best organize them. If the floor fairy would stop by and mop, we'd be talking near perfection!

The downside is I got zero sewing done over the weekend. All I have to do is add an extension to the sleeve.Then I could cut another muslin to see if my collar idea works.

Not sure when that will happen. This recovery is rough. I am living life in four-hour increments (the frequency of my pain medication dosage). It keeps me nice and sleepy.

I'm enjoying keeping up with everyone via Google Reader on my cell phone. I've starred posts I want to comment on once I'm sitting back in front of the computer. I have the latest Threads, Vogue and a few new patterns to read through. I downloaded a new alterations and fitting book on my Kindle app. I may not be sewing, but I'll still be learning:-)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still Thinking

I will not give up on B5562! Serendipity led me to this on Gilt. It's exactly the look I want.

Here it is from the back:

I can't wrap my head around pattern drafting to visualize the change I need to make to the collar to give it more drape, so I've decided to cut it from the larger sizes and experiment.

In the meantime, I found this post from Elizabeth very inspiring. I was fighting adding a dart to this top (don't know why since the collar would probably cover it), so I did an FBA using the pivot and slide method. I couldn't figure out how to add extensions as used in Nancy Zieman's books, so I was pretending that I'd added enough width.  Elizabeth's post gave me the swift kick I needed, so I called Nancy's Notions to get some instruction. I'm in the process of working it out on the pattern now.

I also found this tutorial over the weekend and it made me want to jump for joy! Remember this muslin?

Can't wait to try Judy Barlup's technique to get rid of those darts in the armscyes! (I have the same darts in the muslin for this top) I'm so looking forward to a productive three-day sewing weekend ...