Friday, March 29, 2013

A Few Corrections

Still working on the top! I fixed my puckered darts. They are all nice and smooth. They needed a ham and generous steam. What I'm most proud of is resolving my interfacing mishap.

I guess I was careless in my placement and ended up with this

Which translates to this

Perhaps on a thicker fabric it wouldn't be an issue; but it ruined this top because you could clearly see the interfacing from the right side. :-( I'd already started to steel myself for the replacement fabric purchase. (Purchasing new fabric is usually a joy, but I'm actually trying to be a bit better about sticking to my budget. Replacement fabric is not cool.)

I thought trying to remove the interfacing would damage the top.  I guess I was a little too apprehensive. Anyhoo, I got to pulling *gently* and removed all the interfacing below the seam line.  My duckbill scissors helped too.

Much better!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sewing Along

I signed up for the Cake Patterns Pavlova Sewalong. Of course life leading up to the start was manageable. Once it started, all hell broke loose. I will not go into the sucky details because this is my happy place.

Pavlova 30 Minutes A Day SewalongThe sewalong was so well run! Lots of great info and encouragement along the way. Stephanie was great at answering questions. I do like the idea of dedicating time every day to finish a project and accountability.  What I have realized is that 30 minutes a day, for my slow self is an hour+. What killed me was laying out my rayon jersey. It had a curly life of its own. I also lost more time than I care to admit on a very simple sleeve binding. It was so simple that I over thought it by miles.  

Well ladies and gents, tomorrow is the last day of the sewalong and I have a new top -- almost. When I stitched the sleeves, I forgot to check to see if things lined up correctly. Accidentally perfect on one and really wrong on the other. I've ripped out the stitches, but I think I'm just sleepy enough to make another foolish mistake, so I'll save it until later. I need to hem it and it will be good to go.  My darts points were a bit bubbly. Hope I can fix that with a ham and some steam. Pics later! 

The skirt is great, in my head. In reality, I have a traced, but unaltered pattern. I was hoping to make this for Easter, but time's a wasting ... I wanted it underlined and lined. I just really don't want to wear a slip and I'm dying to try some of the techniques from Craftsy's The Couture Dress.