Saturday, May 23, 2015

Let the Weekend Sewing Begin!

Thank God for a long weekend. I need to de-stress!  That means that with the exception of church and any errands I run afterward, I plan to be a hermit for three straight days.

So what's on the agenda? As usual, sewing and cleaning. I need to work on the next muslin for HP1133 and I want a quick project. The quick project was going to be a top, but on second thought ...

Anyhoo.  Here's the latest HP1133 muslin.  This is my second-ever neckband and boy, do I need practice. I've been doing some research on Craftsy. I will sew it in flat next time.

Alterations thus far include raising the neckline at CB 5/8" and getting the shoulder seams in the right place. I had to raise the front shoulder seam and lower the back shoulder seam 1"

I guess I need some armhole and sleeve shaping. The great thing about HotPatterns is that Trudy hosts a group on Facebook for pattern help and advice.

This is the right side, where Big Sis lives. Sorry about the blurry image.

From the left, with Little Sis. Am I the only person with different sized girls? I feel like my bras are too small for one and too big for the other. (I'll deal with the pool of fabric over my rear later. I'm working my way down the garment.)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

High Hopes

Today would be so awesome if:
  • I sew the HP1133 muslin and post it on FB for comments and fitting tips
  • I figure out and make some progress on a quick-win project. Kinda thinking about V8723
V8723, Misses' Dress
It has been 80+ degrees in Chicago for two days in a row. Maxi dresses appeared like blooming flowers all over downtown. I'm trying to fight the urge to start one because I want something I can wear to client meetings. Just checked the weather and the high is 56 today, so now I'm all confused. 

I'm gonna have another cup of tea and fool around on Craftsy before making any commitments :-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pieces and Parts

Slow progress. Everything is cut and staystitched. I just need to assemble ;-) My hope for this muslin is that I finally got the shoulder seams in the right place and neckline in order. Then, I can move on to bust this weekend.

I did put a good tip into practice -- sewing with paper to keep the fabric from shifting. Worked like a dream. I know folks cut bias project out on paper, I wonder if that would help with knits too. My only concern is cutting through paper with my good scissors.