Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekend Plans

I do have some errands to run today, but I think I'm going to put them off until tomorrow after church. I need to spend some quality time with my sewing machine. So here is the state of the three projects I'm kinda working on:

V8882The priority for the weekend is the skirt.I did the muslin for V8882 way back when. I've made the waistband. And pinned the skirt pieces together for basting. During the pattern alts last week, somehow the front side seams ended up 1" longer than the back. I was going back and forth on raising the back waist and lowering the front waist, so I get how I made the mistake. Good thing it's an easy fix.

In my brilliance, I did cut on the center back stitching line instead of the cutting line, right up to the bottom of where the zipper is supposed to go. Not such an easy fix. I grabbed some Steam-A-Seam to tack the pieces together. I zigzagged over them as a temporary fix. I want to check the fit first before I come up with something permanent. I think I'll be okay if I take in that seam since the skirt is very full.

The fashion fabric is a black linen with embroidered pink and green butterflies. I gotta get a move on before Labor Day strikes. I am a firm believer in no white after Labor Day, but I also question linen. In the interest of time, I may go sans zipper. For the muslin, I omitted the zipper and sewed the center back seam. I pull the skirt over my head and it works. I haven't even started on the lining yet.

M5893I didn't make a single maxi dress this summer. I have an altered pattern, M5893, just waiting to go. I just didn't feel like fighting with ITY, specifically laying out the skirt. The fabric I chose from the stash wasn't inspiring, so that also fueled the procrastination. I thought that just maybe I'd do a last ditch maxi effort with the Sewaholic Saltspring, but my pattern hasn't arrived yet and the sewalong started Monday.

Last but not least is the Colette Patterns Taffy Blouse. The muslin needs a ton of work. the back neckline is fine, but the front gapes. The dart placement is all wrong and I need more width for my hips. Back armhole gapes too. *sigh*

Although fall has been in the air for weeks here in the Chi (we didn't have much of a summer, which makes me think winter will be a beast), I want to at least finish the skirt and the blouse. Then I can start thinking about fall in earnest. Looking forward to ponteroma.