Weapons of Nothing Close to Mass Construction

My sewing machine, Nia, is a Pfaff 2058. I chose Pfaff because of the IDT feature. It functions as an integrated walking foot. I love this feature! I have purchased many of the sewing and a couple of the quilting feet, so I'll probably be Pfaff girl for the rest of my life.

As much as I love Nia, the man of the house really runs the show. St. John (pronounced "sinjin"), is a Rowenta DG8030. St. John makes easy work of pressing. He makes quick work of steaming whatever I'm wearing to work each day. He has a nice point at the top of the sole plate.
  St. John has not always been the perfect gentleman. I've learned that he spits during the first burst of steam. After you get the first one of the day out, he's fine. He also has a major character flaw, he's a hothead. Others have noticed it too. The repair was about $60.  I wish I had experienced the legendary Made In The USA Rowenta products.

There are a few more big things I'd like to add to my sewing space. The first is a serger. I thought I wanted the Pfaff Coverlock 4.0. I then moved on to the Husqvarna Viking Huskylock s25. Now, I only have eyes for the Baby Lock Evolution. Jet air threading has won me over!

Nia needs a big sister. I had my heart set on the Pfaff Creative Performance.  It has all of the sewing features I'd love to have now like LED lighting, throat plate markings on the left side too, color screen, an easier-to-understand-Stitch Creator, adjustable presser foot pressure and automatic thread snips (every time I watch Nancy Zieman's machine do that, my eyes get misty.)  Then there's the optional embroidery unit, which I planned to grow into. I liked the option of upgrading my machine without buying a new machine.


Now I see that the Performance 5.0 had a May debut.

It seems to be a jazzier version of Nia.  I'd get more stitches, including Pfaff's Maxi stitches, a color screen, LED lighting, the new Stitch Creator and the automatic thread snips. I wouldn't get adjustable presser foot pressure or the embroidery option. Hmmmmm.

Last, but not least, I need an ironing board upgrade. The immediate solve is the Reliable C60 Longboard.
The ultimate would be a vacuum board. Look at what this Pfaff one can do!

In reality, the Reliable C81 is probably what I'll get (when I'm ready for a vacuum board).

As you can guess, I'm a tool and gadget freak. Sewing gives me so many chances feed my disorder:-).  Check out my board on Pinterest for more gadgets and cool notions.

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Joyce in NC said...

I have the Babylock Evolve (pre-Evolution). It has the 8 thread, jet air threading, auto-tension and I love it. Trust me, you'll never want to go back after you're hooked on the Jet Air Threading and Auto Tension.