Monday, October 9, 2017

Complete Confusion

It's October, so a post about the girls is appropriate. Y'all, I gave myself a four-day weekend for my birthday. One of the things I wanted to tackle was a t-shirt. Well, I woke up Friday with a sore throat. I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in bed. Looks like I'll be back to 100% just in time for work tomorrow. *Sigh*

Anyhoo, between coughs last night, I looked through t-shirt patterns and read through various online size guides. You know what? I previously cheered Cashmerette and Colette for the expanded sizing. However, upon closer inspection, I'm not sure they're right for me. 

I emailed Cashmerette eons ago about the sizing. I was thankful for the response and filed it away for future reference. I read it again, since I had dreams of tissue fitting today. It seems I am the opposite of the Cashmerette body type. I hope the image posts below. The Blogger app is not really mobile friendly.

(I ended up going to the website  to get this to post.) Now for Colette. So, the rule is to choose your size by your upper bust measurement and work an FBA. That puts me at a 10. I don't get to enjoy the DD cup sizing, which starts at 18. Even if I went with my full bust, that gets me to a 16. Still no DD sizing.

What's a full-busted pear to do?

Go back to my own FBAs and honking darts. Ugh. I was hoping for a shortcut.😔
I'm still going to try on the Cashmerette tissue just to see.

All is not lost. I am looking forward to trying the Colette and Sewaholic expanded sizing on some skirts and eventually pants. The have an 11" and 12" waist-hip difference, respectively. Every little bit helps.

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