Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stuff For The Stash

Here are some recent additions to my fabric stash:

I got these while in Baltimore at A Fabric Place.  The pink is the one I fell in love with, but there was only about 1 3/8 yds. on the bolt. Perhaps B6085 View E?  I have 3 1/4 yds. of the yellow. I'm torn with what to do with it.

The goal was to find the perfect shirting because I love a well-made shirt (think Thomas Pink). However, the yellow would make a great summer dress, for next year of course.  S2401 View A?  Even my beloved, but yet-to-be-made KS3704 View A would work. How about S2579 View A or S2888, A or B?  Then, there's the sweetest of them all, B4443 (pick any view).  It think it would be a great winter blues-buster if I could work this into a dress. That still leaves me in search of killer shirting ...

My camera is not doing the richness of the Deep Lake knit any justice. These are from Jo-Ann. I'm thinking S2345 View B.

Now what made me want to jump for joy was this mauve acetate from Hancock. $2.37/yd!!! I've been holding on to this denim (also from Hancock) forever. I see Burda 8269 and KS3620 View A.
The only one I'll get to soon is the denim, I think.  I need skirts ASAP!

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