Friday, January 7, 2011

Jersey Girl

I'm still tweaking M6078. This is moving slower than expected. The culprit is the Vera Wang jersey I'm using for the muslin (best Fabric Mart Deal ever. I wish I'd bought more for muslin.) This is my first time working with a slippery, thin fabric. It's all over the place, even with my machine's integrated walking foot. It shifts even when I pin every 1/4 inch.

So, I have questions for you who know what you're doing :-)
  • How do I keep the fabric from moving so much?
Look at the pleats:

  • What stitch do I use for sewing the pleats? I'm using a tiny zig zag. Should I be using a straight stitch? If so, do I need to stretch the fabric as I sew?
  • Is my tension too high?
  • Should I switch to a fine or silk thread?
Also, my 2nd-favorite Chicagoland Hancock store is closing. All patterns, except Kwik Sew, were $.99! I didn't do too badly LOL. I stuck to my resolution and didn't buy any fabric. Although, if the matte jersey or ponteroma gets any cheaper, y'all will need to pray for my strength.


KID, MD said...

If your machine has a triple straight or "lightning" stitch, you'll get a smoother seam on those pleats without stretching and getting ripples.

99 cent patterns and clearance fabric would test my resolve, too!! Especially the ponteroma - I love that stuff! Good luck.

Faye Lewis said...

Oh I wish I could answer your questions!!!

You might as well succumb to that ponte roma girl...unless you already have tons in your stash that is (lol).