Friday, May 10, 2013

Book Review: The Essential A-line: Make 17 Flirty Skirts from 1 Basic Pattern

Most of you reading this blog have no need for this book. It is really for beginners. Now, keeping its audience in mind, here's why I think it's a very nice book:

I bought the book was because it teaches you how to line the skirt. I am so frustrated about the lack of linings in RTW and the how-to in most skirt patterns. I really wanted an easy-to-understand reference for a lining and this book is it. 

The information is presented clearly. The photos are great! The author gives thorough instructions.  Just what you need in a sewing book, right? The skirt variations are cute. However, if I don't make a single one of them, the book is worth it for me. I just like having a skirt reference book.

I do think the book lacks in some areas. The first is fit. Although the pattern is sized to 20, there are no instructions for how to alter the pattern if you need a bigger size. What if you find that either the front or back hem is longer than the other? There's no info on how to resolve the issue. Good thing I kinda know how to adjust skirt patterns for me.

The book doesn't have any information about fabric choices or preparation. The one technique I wish the book included is how to use hem lace. The book has four options for hems: turned and stitched, rolled, bias and ruffled. I realize I'm being extremely picky.

Newbies should be able to get a quick win with this book.


Elaray said...

Funny … just before I read this post, I was trying to find a skirt pattern without a lining … and you wanted more info on linings. A-lines look better on my top-heavy body than pencil skirts, so I may just take a closer look at this book.

NuJoi said...

What patterns do you have with linings?? Do tell:-)

Elaray said...

Several skirts in Burda Style Magazine have linings. (At least the ones in the Plus size range.)