Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fabric Joy

I have a fabric problem - silver quilter's charm

I can't kick the fabric-buying drug. I gotta have it. I can sorta control it by supposedly buying what I need for a specific project, but who knows when I'll get to the project? Anyhoo. One shouldn't be too hard on oneself :-)

Seriously -- once the skirt bug kicked in, I realized the flaw in my stash. Either my pieces are too large or too small. I want full, A-line skirts that fall past the knee; I have an unhealthy crush on circle skirts. I need 2.5-4.5 yds to make this work. I can't bear to cut into a 5.5 yd piece of fabric if I only need 4.5 yds. I would rather buy more fabric! (I know this is completely ridiculous and a recipe for foolishness.)

Enter Robert Kaufman Ultra Cotton Sateen and Mary Jo's. I am now the proud owner of Forest and Black. Forest is destined for a dress. Y'all know I really want the chocolate now.

Then there's Fabric Mart. I got the last of this black silk/cotton Oxford shirting:

I made a couple of first purchases. Fashion Fabrics Club had basic sateen colors. I love the one on the left. I absolutely hate the one on the right. I will think twice before purchasing from them again. It is really heavy. Way too heavy for an A-line skirt. All sites should give you the fabric's weight. 

I got this lightweight embroidered cotton too.

I made my first purchase from Mood! Based on Project Runway and what the folks on its blogger network are doing, I thought Mood wasn't for sewing lightweights like me. I know where to go if I ever want silk 4-ply crepe, but I'm glad to say there's something for my skill level -- and that people is Bemberg lining at $6/yd! Oh happy day!

Last but not least are Jo-Ann and Hancock. From Jo-Ann there's this linen and poly charmeuse.

Poor Hancock. You're just not the same anymore. I do thank you for these two great finds. The lawn ?? on the left was $.40/yd! The stretch cotton pique was around $5. Now I'm on the hunt for stretch linings.  All except one of the older sateen fabrics in my stash has stretch.

May was a good stash month!


L said...

I've been bitten by the fabric bug, too. Yesterday, I visited a local non-profit art store that sells fabric to raise money. For a total of $30, I got six pieces of poly-rayon wovens, six wools (coatings and suit-weight), four double knits, a bunch of short-length knits perfect for making underwear, and a bunch of vintage lace. 100% of the proceeds goes to the non-profit. So, in a sense I did a good thing, right? =)

NuJoi said...

Your fabric purchased helped save the world! Shop on!

Robin said...

As I read your post, I felt like I was reading my own story, especially the project part. I know what I have in mind for the fabric but when is another story. I keep getting these emails with that four letter word *s-a-l-e*! I'm running out of storage space. And--in spite of all the fabric we have, isn't it funny how nothing matches or is enough for our new project? But, I'd rather pay $50.00 on fabric than pay $50.00 on a rtw item that doesn't fit well and will probably end up in someone else's closet via gift or goodwill.

Meg @ Mood Fabrics said...

Hey, Mood is for sewers at all levels! If you're looking to save, sign up for our emails and then you'll be able to shop our 50% off weekly sales. Come try us out.