Friday, January 10, 2014

Staying the Course

I just couldn't seem to shake whatever bug I caught Christmas Day, so there has been a little progress on the dress.

Here's the current state of the front bodice pattern piece with a Y-dart FBA. The Y-dart FBA is for those of us who need to add a significant amount to the pattern piece. You divide the amount you need to add to the pattern in half and add it in two places. Here's a better view of one.


As I'm writing this, I realize I didn't tissue-fit the alt. Oh well, I've cut the muslin. That brings me to the point of this post:  the work needed to keep things from stretching out of shape. I did directional staystitching on the seamlines.

Questions for you on staystitching: where do you staystitch -- on the seam line or 1/8" from the seam line? When do you staystitch? I staystitch each piece after cutting. I noticed some pattern instructions have you staystich after you've started constructing. Lastly, do you do directional staystitching or, for example, do you staystitch the whole neckline in one pass?

Don't get tripped up by the white thread; this is a muslin.


Next, there's stay tape. I love fusible stay tapes. My only problem is, I can't see the stitching line after fusing it to the garment. You can feel the stitching line if you've staystitched it. So, do you have to both staystitch and use a stay tape?


I redrew part of the darts and the armhole dots onto the stay tape.


Last question:  which seams do you tape? I did the whole bodice. I might do the skirt's waist.


Here's the bodice with the darts in place. I stitched the shoulder darts with a longer stitch length, just in case they needed tweaking. I am determined to get better at sewing darts this year! I had to try the one on the left three times before I actually got the point right. I kept stopping short of the point for some reason.The one on the right is a little crooked.

I pinned the bust darts because I'm sure they will need adjusting. Last question: I am asymmetrical and I want to fit my right side.  How exactly do I try on the muslin for fitting, right side out or wrong side out (darts pinned on outside either way)? 

Let's see what happens this weekend :-)


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I'm staying tuned because I have this pattern and may have to move it ahead in the queue!

L said...

I usually staystitch 1/8" inside the seamline and do so whilst constructing the garment. I also staystitch in one pass instead of directionally. I know this is incorrect, but it doesn't seem to pose any problems of which I am aware.

I have fusible staytape, but I have yet to use it.

Anonymous said...

I directionally staystitch 1/8-inch inside the seam line after cutting each piece. I purchased the Craftsy course 40 things every sewer must know and was surprised that she stay stitched the neckline (in one direction) after joining the shoulder seams! I might pose a question as to why she did that.

nujoi1908 said...

I saw Janet Pray do the same thing in Crafty's Sew Better, Sew Faster. I asked her and she said it didn't matter.