Sunday, April 19, 2015

Late for Saturday Morning Roll Call

Well hello! Long time no blog. This is a quick post 'cause I gotta get to church. On my cutting table right now is HotPatterns 1133.

I'll be praying for divine fitting intervention. Check out the back and shoulders.  I already added 3/8" at the CB to raise the neckline. Do I need more?

Looks like my shoulder seam is at least 1" too far forward. (Are the girls pulling the seam forward or do I have weird shoulders?) Do I raise the entire front seam 1" and lower the back seam 1"?  Do I need a narrow shoulder adjustment?

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Daphbe said...

Hi! I have the same problem with my shoulder seam alway leaning forward. I think it's because I've got a forward rolling shoulder. The solution I learned is in Joi Mahon's fitting book Create the perfect fit. I lengthen the bodice above the armhole (usually halfway between the top of the shoulder and the start of the side seam) by the amount needed and take the same measurement to true the armhole up. Does that make sense? I love the book, Im 6.2 and busty as well and it really helps. I think she has a Craftsy class as well. This sounds like a big promo :) But it really was a revelation for me. Good luck with the fitting! Love from the Netherlands