Sunday, August 23, 2009

Laughing At Myself

Oh the irony. After coming up with a list of what to sew for the next year, I got inspired by the blazing, damn-near 100-degree temps in Chicago last week. I came home from church determined to make a maxi dress! It’s now 64 degrees. Good thing I didn’t finish the dress.

I seriously thought I could finish a 1-hour dress in a day, but I never properly account for my neophyte sewing skills. Knits are tricky! Ya’ll just don’t know how much I struggled with the neckline and then armhole hemming. (I won’t even talk about my cutting frustrations.) Could I have used a plain straight stitch to topstitch? I tested the the stretch straight stitch, but it wasn’t pretty. I ended up going with this decorative cross stitch. I couldn’t figure out how to make it catch the edge of the fold (which I know is the point of hemming). Oh well.

The day was a long one. There was the hemming of the bodice front only to realize 3/4 of the way through the stitching that I was supposed to be hemming the armholes! When I got up to press the hem, I knew I was supposed to be doing the armholes. I chose the wrong unfinished edge when I made it to the ironing board. The trials of a novice!

Back to the point of the post. There’s a jacket contest on Looks like Simplicity 4509 is moving on up the list.

Gotta get back to the house cleaning. I should finish up the dress tonight. Picture coming soon.

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