Monday, August 10, 2009

Sew On & Sew On

I have an ambitious To Sew List through next year! What brought on the need for a list was yesterday’s pattern purchases. I picked up all but one of the Simplicity patterns on my wish list. I got all of the McCall’s. (Of course I added a new one to the list when I got home.) I will be so glad when the wish list is empty – only 46 to go. My prayer is that I clear it out before the winter collections are out(if only Burda, Hot Patterns and Kwik Sew would have really good sales.)

I got a late start on sewing summer stuff and I really want to switch to fall, but I have four summer pieces already cut. (Nothing dampens my enthusiasm when starting a project more than cutting, so I cut all of these on the same day.)

I’m pretty excited about the list, with one exception, Simplicity 4509. A jacket, for a true beginner? We’ll see … Well, here’s the list:

This is the period of tops. My theme for these is Baby Steps :-)
Conquering my fears and the quest for pants that fit. My seam ripper will be nearby at all times. I wonder how much muslin I’ll go through. I should discover which pattern brand fits me best. My guess is Kwik Sew followed by Burda.

The season of the wardrobe … all Simplicity? I might throw in Butterick 5399.


Tops and dresses … apparently I like McCall and Simplicity for these.

It’s time for dresses …

Let’s go!

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