Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taking It Slow with Kwik Sew 3789

The Young Adult Choir has to sing tomorrow.  Denim skirts again.  My previous attempt at a skirt, while wearable, is actually too short for the choir.  I thought I could whip up a new skirt in time for Sunday.  This would have translated into a minor miracle since I bought the pattern Wednesday night.

Anyhoo, still delusional, I thought I'd give KS3789 a try.  I might have stood a strong chance of finishing if I had known I didn't have any 3/4" elastic.  I also woke up this morning around 8.  Any other time, I would have popped out of bed by 5 a.m. After getting back from Hancock around 1, I realized my chances of finishing were slim.

So, I decided to take my time on this. I cut XL pieces.  For the waist area, I traced the L markings.  The tissue fitting was interesting. The skirt has an elastic waist; I wasn't ready for how big it would be without the elastic.  I promptly folded the waist casing and added the elastic.  I ended up having to use those L markings.

There are some bumps and bulges that need some extra fabric.  As best I could, I tried to mark this while wearing the skirt. I was worried about making adjustments to a pattern that had no side seams.  However, it's so easy to slide and angle these pieces differently to get the room I need.

I'll add additional paper to the affected pieces and refit.  If I have enough Swedish tracing paper, I might retrace those waist pieces to make fitting with the elastic easier. There will be a muslin in my future.

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