Thursday, April 28, 2011

Waist Not Want Not

Where is my waist? Seriously. I started to do a post about this over the weekend, but I didn't because I thought it was a stupid question. Looks like I should have posted because I don't know!

Up until the weekend, I thought my waist was here:

Then, I got it into my head that my waist is where my upper body meets my lower body -- where my back ends and butt begins.

When I looked around on the internet, I thought I had confirmed my new theory.

Class - Clone Yourself II, Dressform Basics - February 25, 2011

I thought the key issue causing the pool of fabric at my CB waist was the sway back/bubble butt combo -- not only did I have less CB length above the waist than most because of the sway back, but I also had less length below the waist and "crown" (as PFA calls it) of my butt. I thought that what ever I have going on between lines 18 and 20 below is very different from other people.

This obviously changes what I think my CB measurements are! This is a 3/4" difference. Now I have even more resolve to get my measurements taken professionally.

But wait there's more! I have square shoulders. Maybe y'all could tell from the pictures on the last post. I had no clue!

I thought I had forward shoulders. Do I? Are they both forward and square ?! Wow ...

Teaching myself how to sew is certainly not the most efficient thing I've ever done. Clearly I need mentoring! Thanks to everyone who reads these desperate posts and gives me tips along the way.


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Your waist is wherever you want it

NuJoi said...

@Serinity Thanks! I guess my next question is where should my be to get rid of the fabric riding up or pooling? lol

Anonymous said...

Yes, I want to know where my waist is too.
Generally it's said to the smallest circumference between bust and hips but for many of us that means just under the bust.
Personally I don't think it matters too much, so long as you make sure to always use that position as the waist point. And it would depend on the pattern itself.
Learning all this fitting stuff is hard, I agree with you!
Keep going with what you are doing, I enjoy following your fitting adventure and some day soon you may find that you can do these alterations in your sleep and sewing suddenly becomes easier ... and more fun.

Anonymous said...

Dear Enjoiable(cute), I know I am not the target audience, nonetheless, I really enjoy your blog. You are a nice gal, and I am hoping you'll post more very soon. James in Ca.