Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Step by Baby Step

If I never see orange rayon-spandex knit again ... just kidding. I think I want more to make this dress, but I digress. I am continuing with KS3740. (I see six muslins around the room now; there may be another one in the bedroom.) Still determined, but really ready to get it right. I'm reaching out for fitting help and folks need to see pics, so here goes:  a symphony in three muslins. I apologize now for the butt shots; y'all need to understand just how much altering I need to do.

4/28 Update: I've gotten some inquiries about sizing, so the details are below.

The pattern does not have a CF waist marking or give finished measurements for the hip. My CB length is my best guess when I try to take my own measurements. I need to find a sewing buddy to help me take my measurements.

4/28 Update #2: I'm not sure where my waist is! Seriously. My body measurements could be wrong. See today's post.

Muslin #1 -- straight out of the envelope. I went with the S because of my upper bust measurement. Can you say tiiiight?!

The pattern's CB waist is the top line. The other two are me trying to mark my actual waist while fighting the rolling fabric.

 Muslin #2 -- 1" FBA and 5/8" round back alteration.

Muslin #3 -- added 1/2" back width and 7/8" to the round back alteration. I called Kwik Sew and the back neckline is supposed to sit 1/2" below the base of the neck. I think that means my total round back alteration amount should be 1" instead of 1 1/2" (that's good news.)

The story of my life -- tops ride up and pants gape or slide down.

I've been using the pivot and slide method for all of the alterations so far.  Here's a closeup of the shoulder. At the neck, the seam is probably 1" lower than it needs to be in the front. I also noticed that the more length I added to the upper back, the more pronounced the wrinkles from the bust to the shoulder became. 

I will go back and reduce the round back alteration. Should I worry about the shoulders after I complete it like PFWC suggests or save that alteration for last as FFRP suggests?

I actually managed to pull the shirt down and keep it down for a few shots. It was harrrrrd.The top line is the pattern's CB waist.

Am I delusional for thinking I can get to a fitted T-shirt with no back seams?  Also, this is a lighter-weight knit with about 3% spandex. I plan on making the finished top in knits with 5%-8% Lycra. Do I need to add more width to the bust and back above the waist now or will things be better with the stretchier fabric?

Next up:  getting the pattern's waist to be at my waist with no fabric pooling either above or below and, of course, adding more width below the waist. At this rate, I might have the perfect top by Christmas! Actually, that is the bestest gift ever :-) Anyhoo. I've almost decided that my next top project will have some seams in the back!


Patricia Schoeman said...

You have done a great job so far. You only need to tweak it a bit.
I see more or less 3 changes you should make, but we will work on them one by one. I look forward to help you with this top.

NuJoi said...

Thank you, Patricia! I am so grateful for all of the help I'm getting with this. I may have a top soon!