Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: Pattern Fitting With Confidence

If there is a pattern fitting book out there, I probably own it. I wanted to learn to sew not because I couldn't find RTW that I like, there was plenty that I liked -- it just didn't fit! I wasn't happy with the fit even after alterations. And so the sewing journey began.

Pattern Fitting With Confidence is great resource in the arsenal. It covers the pivot and slide method of pattern alteration exclusively. I also have Fitting and Pattern Alteration, which covers the pivot and slide method too.  Here's why I had to have Pattern Fitting with Confidence -- the devil is in the details.  I simply couldn't understand how to make the pivot and slide alterations without more direction.  This is my first Nancy Zieman book and I've added more to my wish list. She writes so clearly and the illustrations are wonderful. I get it now!

The book isn't very long, but it's jam-packed. Here are the chapters:
  • Getting Started:  taking measurements, how to pivot and slide, etc.
  • Basic Fitting Changes:  bust, dart, hip line, waistline, sleeve, shoulder (forward/rounded shoulder not included), back and sleeve length
  • Combining Fitting Techniques:  how to combine multiple techniques and examples of typical combos
  • Fitting Skirts
  • Fitting Pants
  • Fine Tuning the Fit
  • References:  I really like the Body Silhouette Chart. It discusses figure variations without being offensive, provides best styles and even best fabrics and colors.  
Everything is presented in a very simple and easy-to-understand manner. The best part is that she gives you the maximum amount of an alteration. Here's an example:  If your Personal Fitting Chart indicates a change of more than 1/2", divide the fitting changes by four ... add [the amount] to each side of both the front and back pattern pieces."  Wonderful!

To buy or not to buy this book? This book covers a few alterations very well and teaches you the basic method; it doesn't provide the alterations for every fit variation. For that, you need Fitting and Pattern Alteration: A Multi-Method Approach to the Art of Style Selection, Fitting, and Alteration (2nd Edition). You decide if you want breadth or depth. I needed both.


Faye Lewis said...

I've used her Pivot and Slide method and also think its great. I have the old book. I think yours is a newer version, I wonder what the difference in the two of them is?

Elaray said...

I'm a pivot and slide disciple, too. It's a logical and easy method.