Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DVD Review: Threads Industry Insider Techniques, Vol I & II

I was able to snatch Vol II up during a great sale at - 50% off and free shipping. Even better, it was a no-risk purchase because I was able to see it in its entirety on You Tube for $4 (the rental time is seven days.) The Threads Fitting Series is also available for rental. I spent my Christmas holiday sewing time with them playing in the background. 'Twas great.

Louise Cutting is an awesome instructor. She's serious about her techniques and will help you get professional results. She and Judy Neukam more personable in Vol I and Judy's commentary is better too. Cutting's style in Vol II seems a bit flatter; Neukam seems a step behind.  However, these are minor quibbles. You'll learn a lot from Cutting, I promise. Please note that some of the techniques are for sergers.

 Here's what you'll see in Vol I:
  • Serge Quick French Seams
  • Fuse & Interface a Hem
  • Hem Sheers with Ease
  • Mold the Smoothest Darts
  • Draft & Sew The Perfect Collar
  • Miter An Asymmetrical Corner
  • Bulk-Free Facings

Here's what's covered in Vol II:
  • Ripple Free Double-Fold Bias Binding
  • Carefully Clipped Curves
  • Interface a Classic Lapel
  • Inset Corners Simplified
  • Tailor a Weightless Pocket Flap

There's something here for advanced and beginner sewers. I'm not sure if all of the techniques are couture, but at least four were inspired by Armani. The Carefully Clipped Curves segment is worth the You Tube fee by itself. The lapel segment introduced me to the world of fusible tapes. even though I'm not ready to try tailoring, I was able to transfer some of the info to my knit projects. (I am now the biggest fan of fusible knit stay tape.) I'm almost proficient in Steam-A-Seam, thanks to the videos!

I'm more familiar with Vol II than Vol I, since I have Vol II  on DVD. I want to get the DVD of Vol I for the dart info. This was an approach I've never seen before and it makes much more sense than what's found in the pattern instructions. The hem technique in Vol I was really easy. I'm looking forward to trying it. I haven't attempted any projects that would require the use of the other techniques in Vol I yet. When I'm ready to tackle shirts with collars, I will skip to Cutting's method from Vol I.

In conclusion, these DVDs are fabulous. These would make a wonderful addition to your sewing library. No matter what your skill level, you could use this info. The techniques are useful and well-presented. You will be able to do them on your own after watching. The best part is you can test them out on You Tube to see if you like them. I bet you'll love 'em.

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Anonymous said...

Hi,Have you seen the Threads Industry Insider Techniques, Vol 3 and 4. I am a pattern maker, and lately I've been having problems with some models especialy blouses without bust darts, so.. I wonder if these videos can help me.Can you give an honest review about the topics on them.