Saturday, August 13, 2011

Simplicity Fall 2011

New patterns! This collection has a gang of costumes, It's Sew Easy patterns and introduces a new brand -- Sew Simple. There aren't many other patterns.

Sew Simple patterns give you one easy project per envelope. I actually purchased one of these last week for $2.99. The MSRP is $1.99. Thanks local independent fabric store. (The handwritten price sign should have been a clue.) In comparison to It's So Easy, these seem to be a little more fashion forward. Some are pieces from earlier Simplicity patterns. The directions are the standard Simplicity directions.

This brings me to a new point. I am going to get one of the It's So Easy patterns and check the directions. I would love to see some starter patterns with more extensive instructions like "Sew center back seam. Press seam allowances open."  If you pick up one of these as your first pattern and you're self-taught, directions to press would be a great thing.

This is the one I bought:

Sew Simple Misses' Jacket

I'm thinking about these:

Sew Simple Misses' Top

Sew Simple Misses' Jacket

It's So Easy, more so than Sew Simple, seems to be a repackaging of easier patterns from previously released Simplicity patterns. Perhaps both sub-brands are for WalMart? (Marketing is what I do by day.) You kinda have to know your pattern collection to keep from buying duplicates.

For example, I like this:

But I already have this:

Misses Jacket and Hat

I'd like to get this one, but I have to figure out if I already own it.

It's So Easy Misses' Dresses

There's a new Amazing Fit Skirt.

Misses' & Plus Size Amazing Fit Skirt

I don't have a mini me to dress, but I like the misses view.  It reminds me of Serendipity Studio.

Child's & Misses' Dresses

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