Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Four-Hour increments

Went to the doctor on Thursday and had surgery on Monday. Not emergency surgery; when I looked at my workload, the best time to be out for two weeks was now.

The great thing is that everything went smoothly [insert praise dance here]. The good thing is that since I knew I'd be confined to the bed, my house is uncharacteristically neat. Sunday afternoon found me sitting among piles of patterns as I rethought how to best organize them. If the floor fairy would stop by and mop, we'd be talking near perfection!

The downside is I got zero sewing done over the weekend. All I have to do is add an extension to the sleeve.Then I could cut another muslin to see if my collar idea works.

Not sure when that will happen. This recovery is rough. I am living life in four-hour increments (the frequency of my pain medication dosage). It keeps me nice and sleepy.

I'm enjoying keeping up with everyone via Google Reader on my cell phone. I've starred posts I want to comment on once I'm sitting back in front of the computer. I have the latest Threads, Vogue and a few new patterns to read through. I downloaded a new alterations and fitting book on my Kindle app. I may not be sewing, but I'll still be learning:-)

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