Monday, April 9, 2012

Vogue 8723 -- In Progress

V8723I've been working on this dress, V8723, forever. And by that I mean maybe an hour on some Saturdays :-) I was really excited at first. That streak of warm weather put a dress in my spirit. I picked this one because it already had cup sizes and it seemed really simple. I have since been reminded that sewing is not intuitive for me, so nothing is as simple as I first think it is. The warm streak has since passed ...

I still needed to adjust the bust and deepen the dart, which I muddled through using the pivot and slide method. What I found extremely hard was adding to the waist. I know you're thinking that the bust should have been the hard part. For some reason, that side dart kept throwing me off. I ended up using the seam method.

Working with the side bust dart has been quite an experience. I probably made four rounds of adjustments on tissue paper before I was confident enough to trace the pattern onto Swedish tracing paper. I still had to pin adjustments to both darts. I think I forgot to true the dart legs. I did have lots of fun sewing the Swedish tracing paper.

 Before cutting my fashion fabric, I want to make a muslin. I think I may need a round back adjustment, but I want to see how the fit in fabric before taking the plunge.

Updates to come!

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