Thursday, December 24, 2009

Psyched & Ready To Go!

The real version of the KS338 top is coming along wonderfully! All I have to do is press the side seams and hem it. I'm saving this for later during my vacation. I want to use a double-needle for the hem and I need two things - a needle and some practice! Wednesday is hemming day. I've planned and re-planned my wardrobe to death. What I've finally settled on is knit. Until March, I will be a ponteroma-knit-sewing queen. My goals are ambitious - 13 pieces, but they are repeats in different colors. The BMV patterns are rated easy or very easy; the wraps are supposed to be one-hour projects. I'm getting the hang of Kwik Sew tops. (We'll pray together when I start Hot Patterns 1062.) Including the current KS3338 top, I want to return to work on January 4, with six new pieces. First on my sewing agenda is tweaking my dress form. Ruby was perfect until I put the cover on her. Everything got compressed and the cover really doesn't work with the sway back situation. I added more padding, but the butt is too high and round. The top I'm working on fits me better than the form. I have to fix her ASAP, especially before I start the pants and skirts. Well, here's the wardrobe plan. All in ponteroma knit (purchased with coupons of course). Holiday Break
  • KS3740 (brown)
  • KS3617 (cream)
  • M5241 (brown, cream & black). I've been calling these wraps, but I guess they are cardigans.

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