Friday, December 11, 2009

What Had Happened Was

Usually when you hear that, whatever immediately follows is bound to be some foolishness. This is no exception. I went into Hancock again today to purchase the last of the knit fabric for the wardrobe I'm planning. Just needed 2 1/2 yards for some pants. As luck would have it, there was a cut in the last of the chocolate brown ponteroma knit. Darn.

As I perused the fashion fabrics at this location, I spotted this:

$2.95/yd plus a 50% off coupon! I have no idea what kind of fabric this is, but I was sold at "machine wash cold, tumble dry low." I took what was left on the bolt, a little over three yards. I wish there had been more so I could have copied the first lady's sheath dress and matching coat look. Oh well. I still see a sheath in the distant future, perhaps Vogue 8555, View A. Look at how pretty Cenetta's is.

As for the wardrobe, I still need that knit and some corduroy. I'll be waiting on the knit until the next batch of 50% off coupons rolls around.

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