Monday, September 6, 2010

Checking In

Like most, I have to go back to work tomorrow.  So far, I've got three new projects traced and cut out:  KS2856, M6078 (not looking forward to the swayback adjustment for this) and M6076 (September sew-along). I'm making my alterations to Burda 8269. This has worked my last nerve, so I'm taking a break to write.

As usual, mo to do list was too long and my love of sleep and ability to waste time on the computer too great.  I wanted to knock out the alterations for the new projects, complete this skirt and finish KS3740, which has been hanging around forever.  I have some things in the alterations/mending pile I wanted to get to as well, including a friend's jeans.

I'm proud to say that I've completed the following. None of them aided a project, but I feel better because they're done:

  • Hung all of the WIP. Thanks to Ann's tip, I can see my couch and dining table again!
  • Created an index for the last Sew Stylish and Threads (Yep. I'm that anal. How else can you find the article you're looking for?)
  • Wrote a couple of notions reviews for
  • Picked up a couple pieces of very cute and very cheap ($1.99/yd & $2.99/yd) fabric and waxed tailor's chalk at Vogue. I used the tailor's chalk today and I love it.

I got this one from Vogue earlier this year. It was in the cute cottons stack, so I'd thought I'd show you. $3.99/yd!

  • Grabbed a few new patterns



Here's what I'm ashamed about: I went through my catalog on Pattern and made sure each had a picture and the picture I wanted. This has been a small but growing pet peeve with me. When I buy fabric, I browse the catalog to figure out what I'm going to make with it. If there's no picture, I skip the pattern. If the picture is one view of four options, I might skip over the pattern because I don't like the particular view. However, I might have chosen the pattern if I could see all of the views.  This is especially true with the wardrobes.

Alright, I'll calm enough now to go back to the skirt.  I'm having the hardest time with is adjusting for my small waist and large (okay huge) front thighs. So far, I've added two extra darts, let a side seam out twice and adjusted the seam that goes across my right thigh.

Here's how I had to change the front right side seam (high hip).  The red line is the original stitching line.

Here's the top of the thigh seam.  I took it apart and pulled until the wrinkles went away. Left seam allowance:

Right seam allowance:

The pink and green highlighter marks show that I'm still working on the swayback adjustment.

I'm fixing (yes, I'm Southern) to work on both side seams and tweak that thigh seam. I'm praying that when I try it on again, I can sit down more comfortable and the wrinkle pointing to my left thigh is gone! The good news is that the side seams are straight.


Faye Lewis said...

You have had quite a sewing weekend - congrats on that. I can also see that you are quite organized by the list you made. Can I please ask a question. Would you please explain what you mean by tracing a pattern? I see that you are using some of the big 4 patterns and a kwik sew pattern and not one from the Burda Magazine. Since you are using those patterns, my question is are you actually tracing those patterns out on pattern paper rather than using the actual pattern (laying the actual pattern on the fabric) to cut? And if so, do you do this to save the actual pattern? Hope this was clear.

NuJoi said...

Hi Faye. I trace every pattern onto Swedish tracing paper. I hate the tissue paper the Big 4 use. It's too easy to rip. Until I get better with my alterations, there's no way I'd use the original pattern since I mess up so much. You can sew this tracing paper, so it also acts as my muslin. Lastly, I'm supposed to lose another 40 pounds; I don't want to cut the patterns in case I need the smaller size later.

Faye Lewis said...

Hey I knew you would give me a good answer. I do have some Swedish tracing paper that I got at the expo back in March. Haven't used it yet though. Don't know what I was saving it for. I massacre my big 4 patterns so I know what you mean about the paper they are made of. My friend Brenda was just talking about using the Swedish paper for muslins last night. Thanks for the info.