Saturday, September 4, 2010

Late Inspiration

Serendipity Claire Cami Dress PatternI've discovered Serendipity Studio patterns (thanks to the recent sale at I wish I'd found these earlier in the year. I might have been inspired to get behind the sewing machine more for some summer clothes!  The catalyst was the Chicago weather. It cooled down to highs in the 70s and I started thinking about my fall knits.  Then, it got back up to the 90s and I was dying for something cool and cute to wear!

Serendipity The Stella Strip Skirt PatternWhat's so great about Serendiptity Studio is that it has forced me to hit the quilting sections in the fabric stores. I went nowhere near any of that stuff before. For some reason, I had no problem with patterned ITY knits, but I was lost when it came to patterned wovens. So this is how you get those cute summer dresses and skirts :-)

The Stella Strip skirt is so interesting. I was worried about cutting all of those strips. Now I know what a jelly roll is. Why are the quilting fabric bundles named for cake and pastries?

Aren't the patterns cute? I'm ready for summer skirts! Too bad it's Labor Day weekend, but I'm early for next year. (Trying to be positive.)

Serendipity Studios Tiffany Skirt PatternSerendipity Studios Bella Skirt Pattern

I think these are my favorites:

Serendipity The Torii Tunic PatternSerendipity The Emaline Skirt Pattern

Now, you can't look at patterns like those and not buy any fabric, right? I'm new to mixing patterns, so I hope this works.  It took a consultation at Jo-Ann to figure this out:

It's for the Emaline skirt. The check is for the tie and a hem border. I had to have a top to match. What do you think about KS2856? (This top has been discontinued. As of right now, there are two left at

View B with this pink jersey:

With such a bold print, I thought I needed a more dramatic top to make this an outfit and not just a skirt and a random top. Hancock Fabrics comes through again with a $2.95 value fabric! By the way, both the floral and the check were $3.00/yd.  The lining was $1.79/yd. Just looking at the fabric makes we want a glass of lemonade! Working on this in February might chase away the winter blues. If the patterns arrive today, I might start working on the skirt now!


Faye Lewis said...

I got in on a GREAT $1.95 Fabrics.Com sale (Vera Wang, etc.) either last fall or early spring and I think it was because of an early Saturday morning post that I think you made. That was the greatest sale I ever took advantage of. If it was you who posted the alert...THANKS AGAIN!

Lisa H. said...

I love Serendipity patterns.I bought her new book about a month ago. I haven't made anything from it because like you,I don't know if I can match up coordinating fabrics to maintain that look.
You made great choices. I can't wait to see the finished result.

NuJoi said...

@Faye I think the Vera Wang stuff was on sale early spring. I don't remember writing about it, but glad you got in on it too!

NuJoi said...

@Lisa H I think the easiest way to do it, until we get the hang of it, is to shop by collection. It's very easy to do on For instance, I've got my eye (but no money) on the Sunset collection: Vibrations Brown, Quad Dots Brown and Mini Stripes Cream. I think they would make a cute Tori Tunic. If money were no object, I'd be all over the Michael Miller Whimsy Brown collection!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

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