Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer -- Brought to You By Butterick

Butterick has released the new summer patterns! This makes two great collections in a row for Butterick. This one is all about the dress. Some of these have multiple cup sizes. Sweet!

This dress, 5638, may not work on me, but I love the style.

5641 has multiple cup sizes.
5637 has multiple cup sizes too. This one is on the "sew it soon" list.
I love 5642 too. 
5655 is probably going to New Orleans with me.
5643 will see NOLA too. (I know this is wishful thinking.) Great for chilly restaurants and sweltering streets. I wish this was sized for jersey. Can't I just make it a size smaller? Of course I want the long version.
I want no part of the pockets on 5640.  I thought about this one a lot because it reminds me of KS3856. I decided I like the band around the waist in this one better.
I did see a top that piqued my interest, 5644. I think I want a shorter version.
And that's all folks!

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Candice said...

I love love 5638 and have even ordered fabric for it! Now, I just have to get the pattern lol!