Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Break in the Action

Guess what. I'm going to have my measurements taken by a professional! The sewing instructor at Vogue Fabrics knows my plight and is willing to help me figure things out. We're trying to schedule something for next weekend.  I can't wait. I'll be showing up with this:

Measuring made Easy
I've had the tape and the book for years and now I will finally have all of the correct measurements filled in on the worksheet. I think the only thing this book may not cover is Nancy's Zieman's Right Size Measurement as described in Pattern Fitting With Confidence. Please know that I will be getting that taken too.

In the meantime, this means KS3740 is on hold. Not forgotten or abandoned, just on hold. So what am I'm I doing as I anxiously await my date with the tape? Looking at skirt patterns. My wardrobe needs everything, but I figured skirts would be the easiest and quickest way for me to go.

Here's the short list:

Kwik Sew 3877 and 3819

Simplicity 2257, 2411 and 2655
 Photo PhotoPhoto

And the winner is? I'm not sure yet. I'm leaning toward the two Kwik Sew patterns. I'm waiting for 3877 to arrive in the mail *hopefully today*. I think the other one would look best in a double knit, so I'm not sure how much wear I would get out of it before the weather turns in Chicago. 


Anonymous said...

I will be extremely interested to hear how you go with getting your measurements taken.
Also how you use the two-tape measuring system. I haven't seen that before.

NuJoi said...

@Sue the tape is two measuring tapes together so you can take accurate inseam and crotch curve measurements at the same time. One tape has 0 in the middle so you can better compare widths in different directions like from CF to each side seam.