Friday, June 10, 2016

Questions. Questions That Need Answering.

My Blogger app is not very cooperative this morning. Did anybody get my Lord of the Rings reference? Yep. I am a nerd. Anyhoo. I'm temporarily stuck! This FBA puzzles me. Well first, thank God for tracing!

I was getting ready to mark my cutting lines and I got confused when it came to the one through the dart.

So, is the line through the side bust dart supposed to divide the dart evenly? Or, is it ok if the dart isn't divided evenly?


The green lines show me lining up the center of the dart and my bust point. The dart is divided unevenly.

If I divide the dart evenly, I would have to raise the bust point to make the line go through both. That's the pink option.

Which is correct?

I thought that maybe my previous alts had affected the dart and bust point alignment. I went back to the unaltered pattern. See the folded line? The bust point is already lower than the dart in the original pattern.


I need to add 1 1/4" of real estate for the girls. Which is supposed to look like this, right?


This is certainly an unanticipated snag. I thought the FBA was going to be the easiest part of this. I keep hearing the end of It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night. The part where Prince shouts, "Confusion!"


Jan Brown said...

Hi, I notice you have the Craftsy Class [Adjust a Bust] by Kathleen Cheetham. I suggest you get to the bit where she explains this in detail and play it slowly until she gives you the answers. I bought this class because I always get confused too.

NuJoi said...

Thanks! Watched it over the weekend, but I didn't get a chance to work on the pattern.