Sunday, December 4, 2011

Back Home

So, there has been no sewing activity for a while. My aunt passed the day before Thanksgiving and things haven't gotten back to normal. It was my first time dealing with funeral arrangements (a cousin and I decided we would take on as much of the burden as possible) and the after-funeral business. There were some good laughs, though.

I now have a renewed desire to clean out everything I don't use. This means I'm about to donate all the 10s, 12s and 14s I've lugged across state lines for 10 years! My reward to myself after I lose weight will be a new wardrobe. I need to donate some books too. My important papers were already organized. I just need to change some beneficiaries and contact info.

Hoping I can sit down tonight and at least trace my skirt pattern. I'm almost afraid to see how much progress the other sew-along members have made. 

I got in last night. I've spent today unpacking, washing clothes and trying to put my house back in order. The good news is I don't have to cook because I have all of my frozen Thanksgiving leftovers :-)

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Faye Lewis said...

My prayers are with you at this time..