Friday, December 23, 2011

The Velvet Curtain

Last year, I really, really, really wanted this dress for Christmas. 


The pattern never made it from the envelope. Why? I bought this beautiful stretch velvet in hunter green. While the salesperson was cutting it, I noticed bolt marks. I asked if these would come out after pre-washing the fabric. She said yes. Y'all, I didn't know any better. After washing the fabric, the bolt marks (as you may have guessed) were still there.

I didn't think I could take the fabric back because I had already cut a swatch from it. I became discouraged. I figured I could buy more and use the first piece as a muslin. I have yet to find that fabric in the store again. I could order it online from the same retailer, but I was afraid of bolt marks.

I ordered some from another retailer. The quality wasn't as good and the color was slightly different. By now, Christmas was gone, so I FOLDED all the fabric and put it away. (Clearly I'm a glutton for punishment).

I saw this post from Gertie recently. It made me think of my stretch velvet lows from a year ago. I pulled out the fabric and prepared to hang it. Then, I had a thought. Since this was stretch and not regular velvet and I managed to snag a needle board earlier this year, could I rescue the fabric? The answer was yes! If I placed the pile against the needle board and gave the backing a shot of steam (no direct contact), the marks seemed to go away! I did a couple of small tests and I think it works. Yea!

Meanwhile, my stretch velvet is now hanging from a lamp in my sewing room, awaiting its 2012 fate. It reminds me of curtain panels. I have to use it quickly because it can't hang on the lamp forever. My closets are so full, I don't have a space where it could hang freely.


Faye Lewis said...

Glad you rescued your fabric. But watch out for that pattern, the neckline is loooow. Might want to raise it slightly.

NuJoi said...

Will do! Thanks Faye!