Saturday, December 15, 2012

All I Want for Christmas Is

Want to know what would make me absolutely giddy with sewing infused Christmas cheer?

With this Vario Plus Snap Kit, I would have almost everything needed to take on jeans in 2013! If you'd like the kit, try here or here.
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I have one book on the list -- an oldie but goodie
More Fabric Savvy: A Quick Resource Guide to Selecting and Sewing Fabric

A new foot for my sewing machine.  Meet the Right Edge Bi-Level Foot for topstitching.

Vogue 8766. It's a recommendation in the Couture Dress Craftsy Course.


So, those were all my wants (aside from several yards of sweater knits).  What I need is a few (four) of these storage boxes.

              Really Useful 1.6 Liter Box, Pink

All for just over $100 (Vogue sale included). I'm giving Santa a break this year!


marysews said...

Hey, as long as Santa can Google "Right Edge Bi-Level Foot," you'll be in good shape, gift-wise!

Faye Lewis said...

You've been so good all year long. Hope you get EVERYTHING on your list.