Saturday, December 1, 2012

My New Love


I know I'm late to the game, but I have a crush on Craftsy that so strong -- it's ridiculous! Whoever thought of this should be awarded with medals (handmade of course)! During my not-so-awesome Thanksgiving break, it's what kept me sane. We are up late at night with wine and early in the morning with coffee and tea. I'm thinking about it at work. This is damn near an obsession.

My world changed in August when I received an email to try a class for $14.99. At the time, all that interested me was Sewing with Knits.  I'd read nice things about The Couture Dress, but I thought that would be out of my skill range. I wasn't ready for Jeanius either because I didn't have any jeans I wanted to reverse engineer (hence the need to learn to sew).

Then Craftsy started adding courses. Sandra Betzina??! Game on! But wait, I would need another sale. I waited (not so patiently) for $14.99. When the next one hit, why not add the A-line skirt class?

               learn pant fitting techniquesPant Construction Techniques by Sandra Betzina

I was a more than a little miffed because I think two classes showed up the day after the sale was over, The Classic Tailored Shirt and Plus-Size Pattern Fitting and Design. Grrr. The big girlz class would have been my first choice!
                                            Plus-Size Pattern Fitting & Design by Barbara Deckert

I was hoping and almost praying that there would be a $14.99 Black Friday sale. I got half my wish! The classes were $20. I exercised amazing restraint by purchasing only two.

I'm holding out on Jeanius and The Classic Tailored Shirt. I really, really want them, but I know those are projects I just won't get to for a long while.

              Jean-ius! by Kenneth D. KingThe Classic Tailored Shirt by Pam W. Howard

So of the courses I've watched (I'm still getting through Plus-Size Fitting and Design), here are my favs:
  • Debora Moebes (Design & Sew an A-Line Skirt) is perhaps my favorite instructor. She has a great personality and I get what she's teaching. 
  • Sandra Betzina is simply awesome! Her Pant Fitting Techniques Class is unbelievable. There is so much good information packed into that course.  
  • Plus-Size Pattern Fitting and Design is my favorite course so far. I've skipped around the lessons, but I've watched about half of them. I have complete confidence that I will end up with a beautiful version of V8815. For me, this is the one course that has everything:  wonderful instructor (Barbara Deckert is so refreshing); a project I want to make; it gives me the skill set to fit and sew the project; and provides transferable skills.
By the way, my Craftsy interests also include photography and cake decorating. Perhaps I can get from Craftsy what I only faintly grasped after three Wilton attempts. Go Craftsy!  

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Faye Lewis said...

I love reading your blog. You are not only detailed but very through too.