Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fresh Starts

Every room in my home got a real Thanksgiving cleaning, except my sewing room. (I needed a staging area for the crap from the other rooms.)  Now it's time to put my mini cave back in order!

First, I had to own up to that I prefer tracing, alterations, layout and cutting on my dining table versus trying to use the smaller table in the sewing room.  Prior to Thanksgiving, I hadn't seen the wood of dining table in weeks because of the collection of sewing stuff that had mysteriously gathered there. I fell back in love with table all over again and I struggled with converting it back for sewing. This means I could clear some stuff from the sewing room.

My next step was to remove the collection of traced pattern pieces hanging on the back of the sewing room's door. I will not admit to the number of patterns this included. Know that stuff dated from 2009! There was stuff up there I didn't even want to sew anymore.

I also started on one of the bookcases.  The room is actually an office/sewing room. I need more space for the sewing stuff, so the books have to go.  If I bring a shopping bag full of books into work every day for a week, I think I might get to a more manageable library.

I've created a pattern hit list of my greatest loves. I certainly won't get to all of these in the next year, but these are the patterns I've found myself thinking about often. Quite frankly, I'm tired of having to go through my stash to find them. They will be housed on my newly-cleared bookcase shelves along with patterns on the I-wish-I-had-this-in my-closet-now list.

I need four of these to make that happen neatly.

Really Useful 1.6 Liter Box, Pink

Great news! My steam generator is back from repair! I can't have it looking all new while surrounded by clutter. This is what sent it away:


Amazingly, this isn't my pic! (Mine was actually so burned through that the sole plate had become detached at the top. Had I Googled before I purchased the iron, I certainly would have bought something else!

I'm really looking forward to my two-week Christmas vacation. I'll have a clean and organized sewing space and a just-like-new iron. I want to make a skirt and a top or a dress. I need an outfit to wear to work! 

Butterick 5523 or Simplicity 2152

PhotoSimplicity : 2152

Silhouette 175 or 312.
Silhouette 312 Giorgio's Top

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Faye Lewis said...

I need to follow your lead on reorganizing my sewing area - it's a real mess. Love patter picks, watch that Butterick 5523 pattern. It's real nice, but the neckline is ubber low.