Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Love the Bee Too!

How awesome is the Great British Sewing Bee??!!! Talk about inspiring. I did extra cardio at the gym watching episode three on YouTube.

Image for Episode 3There has been a lot of commentary about the show. Carolyn has done a great job of capturing everything in one place. I don't have anything deep to add that hasn't already been said. I simply love the show. It just makes me want to sew!  I have no sewing machine at the moment, but I digress.

I will take a moment to say that the nerd in me is especially partial to the history lessons, like the birth of the home sewing pattern. The animated diagrams are wonderful. Now I know how a rouleau loop is made.

I think the semi-final challenges were the best so far. I love the thought that went into making the challenges progressively harder. Although, I do think the trouser one could have been done a little better; the contestants needed more time.  Perhaps the same amount of time given in the jacket contest.

I don't have a favorite contestant. I cheer for them all. A couple of them work my nerves from time to time :-) Why is EVERYTHING a crisis, Lauren? Sandra, I wish you could channel your practicality to get through the basics faster so that you had time for a spectacular surprise on each garment. (She finally got there with the bag in episode 4.)

As most of the sewing blogosphere, I'm wondering if we will get a U.S. version. Will there be additional seasons in the U.K version? What if other countries got in on it and there was a best-in-the-world sewing bee? I'm getting ahead of myself.

I wonder if it will be as polite in other countries. These British Sewing Bee folks sit and sip tea with each other! One of the things I don't like about Project Runway (and reality TV in general) is how mean, snide and rude people can be to each other all in the name of winning. Brits win and lose gracefully!

Lastly, I love the host and judges! I read some nasty comments about Claudia. I think she's great. She doesn't sew so, she finds a way to translate the happenings in a relate-able way. And she's learning more as she goes along. The technical expertise of Mary and Patrick is amazing. It's so comforting to *meet* new professionals who take sewing seriously. (Also, there's also no secret about my love for James Bond and Patrick and his suits just take me there.) 

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Elaray said...

I'm definitely a fan, but I don't want an American version. I can't imagine the contestants on the American version being so polite to each other. Sponsors and viewers would want much more drama and less civility.