Friday, April 12, 2013

Nia is Sick

Where to start? How about the Pavlova top?  I hit the sewing room bright and early Easter morning to finish my top for church. Just needed to do some hemming.  Nia greeted me with this.

Arrgggh! A blank screen of death and she wouldn't start. I couldn't do ANYTHING. She worked fine on Saturday! I had no backup option!

I had decided not to use Steam-A-Seam on the hem, so the last thing I did on Saturday was press and pin the hem for for final stitching. Once desperation set in Sunday morning, I unpinned and broke out the Steam-A-Seam. Those ties go past the floor! Here's where I ended up.

I spent the entire service worrying about the top was going to come apart. Live and learn.

Nia is at the doctor right now. The initial prognosis wasn't good (I sent the repair guy the video.) I hope the treatment will be  manageable.

I like my Pavlova top. The color is perfect! It matches two cotton prints I had in mind for skirts. Alas, this first top is a muslin. This fabric is 4.8 oz rayon-spandex from Spandex World. I'm looking to double that. I think I'll try a size smaller too.

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Emily said...

Oh no a blank screen. Oh no. I've been terribly lucky and haven't had anything like this happen to me .... I hope the repair is quick and painless.