Monday, September 21, 2009

I've Been Banned

I am not allowing myself to purchase another scrap of fabric or thread! I don't know what happened to me this weekend, but I veered away from my budget. Between Vogue Fabrics and Jo-ann, I now have fabric for three dresses and two tops. I also picked up the lining for the jacket I've given up on until maybe Thanksgiving, but more about that later.
I am the most excited about the chocolate paisley from Jo-Ann. I see that as another Kwik Sew 3221. The knits are either Butterick 4914 or McCall 5974. The black I'm saving for when my skills are legitimate -- there is a Vogue 2900 in my future. Maybe not near future, but future.

That leaves the chocolate brown which I think will be smoking as Kwik Sew 3573. That goes with the intimidating Simplicity 4509 jacket and a Burda 8269 skirt. I'm determined to wear that outfit for Christmas Eve service and be proud of the work.

I've started on the skirt. (You can see the pattern underneath the fabric.) Wait until you see that post! Fitting me is a trip. I really want a dress form. Maybe for Christmas. In the meantime, I've got to figure out how to translate my curves onto a piece of tissue paper.

Here's the Christmas fabric combo. I know it's not holiday, but they're the colors I love. The charmeuse and denim have a pink tone to them. I can't wait to wear them. Well, I guess I can since I've been holding on to that denim and boucle for four or five years! Hopefully I won't be waiting after December 23rd!

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