Monday, September 21, 2009

Moving On!

Okay. I gave in to my fears. I am not ready to make a lined a jacket. I couldn't even push myself to seriously start on it. It has to be made by Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, I'm ready to start the other pieces of the outfit, Burda 8269 and Kwik Sew 3573.

I decided to work on the skirt first. The musline for the skirt was actually cut before I started the jacket.
At first, I just pinned the muslin together. Then, I invested in some basting tape. Faster than a needle and thread, but it's not perfect.

I did not go to kindergarten. I say this because I missed out on that whole round shape/round hole, square shape/square hole exercise. I learned not to be ashamed of this deficiency a long time ago. It has not stopped me from putting together furniture and attempting to sew. This skirt has 10 pieces and I admit struggling with putting the pieces together.

This is my first real fitting challenge. Here's what I have going on: small waist, full hips, a high hip, full thighs, and a full butt. When cutting the pattern, I tried to taper from the waist to the hips, but my angles were too pronounced. How do you get from a 20 to a 24 without a severe angle? I guess I'll figure it out soon enough. Amazingly, I didn't get super-frustrated. I know the skill comes with time. Fit is one of the reasons I picked up sewing, so I may as well take my time on this part and learn it right. I'm so hoping Santa drops a dress form down my nonexistent chimney this Christmas to speed the process.

Anyhoo. here's me trying to adjust the muslin. The lines are my actual curves. I didn't know what to do with those lines after I drew them, but I thought they'd be helpful someday.

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