Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Longest 1-Hr Project Ever -- Simplicity 4781

I finished a project today. That is a feat in and of itself, but this was a project I started in 2005! It was a 1-Hr poncho and I put it down because my mind could not grasp the concept of a hem. I just couldn't get it. (I've since realized that I hate hemming. Period.) That brought my new hobby to a screeching halt. Well, no more! Simplicity 4781 is now complete!!!

When I decided to finish this, I realized it was too much trouble to try and undo the foolishness of years past. In my infinite wisdom, I bought enough fabric for two ponchos. (I knew I would probably screw it up.) I took the pins out of the first one and threw it away.

This fabric wasn't the easiest to work with, but not at all bad for a knit. I guess it's a loose sweater knit. I purchased it because it was purple and I didn't have a single thing in my closet to go with it (my way of trying something new).

I thought it was funny that the thread I got to go with it has been discontinued. Coats and Clark has moved on with a new type of all purpose thread and new colors. I was able to get really close with Gutermann. Why did I buy new thread? I have no idea how long you can keep thread. Better safe than sorry. I'm so glad I kept the original thread because I wouldn't have had enough to make real progress on the top I'm making to go with the poncho.

Turns out I didn't get to sew a single stitch on the top. Oh well, I refuse to go to the store for a single spool of thread. My new rule is to buy two spools for knit projects. All of those stretch stitches eat thread. And since I do a lot of ripping and resewing ... you get the picture.

Well, here's me in my new poncho!

Well, gotta go. I'm gettind ready to cut the top that goes with this.

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