Monday, November 16, 2009

The Stars Are Aligning (My Pocketbook Isn't)

Wouldn't cha know it? This morning Club BMV has a buy-1-get-2-free pattern sale. My fitting shells are on the way! I say shells because I ordered three. Did I need three? Who knows? By bust is a 12, waist 18 and hips 24. Seriously. The largest size they had was a 22, so I know I'll have to add something to the hips.

Anyhoo. Perhaps God is tired of me sweating this fit issue; He's making it easier to get the tools and things I need. Or, this is yet another test of financial willpower and I'm failing miserably. Subsequently, this will be the most low-key Thanksgiving I've ever had. I guess that's okay because I will probably hate to tear myself away from the sewing machine to cook. (This has happened many a Saturday.) Oh well, it's the choice I made.

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