Monday, November 23, 2009

The Ugly Truth - Padding A Dress Form II

Ruby's padding is complete. You can see the previous steps here. I think I really have a body double. What's scary is looking at an image of myself. People, I highly suggest you DON'T try to pad out your dress form so close to Thanksgiving; you'll never be able to enjoy your food.

Well, here's the view I like:

I can even stand this one:

It's this one that I loathe ...

No wonder RTW pants never fit! The exception was the fabulous Right Fit Blue by Lane Bryant. Now the smallest size is too big for me. (I have mixed emotions about this.) Anyhoo. I'm semi-convinced that the butt shape isn't right. The measuring tape says otherwise. I think it's too round, but I'm tired of futzing with it.

Let's compare, shall we?

Ugggh! Padding out a dress form is so humbling. Okay, the fact the pictures of me are shot closer doesn't help. Well, I know I gotta work on the left hip. And no, I didn't make the butt too round. lol. I thought I had a high hip on the right and the left was normal. Now I think the right is normal and the left has a saddle bag. Nothing that a little batting and pins won't fix. Her stomach is flatter than mine. I'm okay with that because that's the part of me that fluctuates the most.

Getting those jeans on the form was a beast. Please let that cover arrive this week.

Well today should be my last day in the sewing room for a while. I have guests coming to town for Thanksgiving and I'm already a day behind. (I was supposed to clean today.) I really want to tackle the sloper, but I'll get to it eventually. Maybe Sunday.

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