Sunday, November 8, 2009

Older & Wiser - Sort Of

So, I'm all ready to start cutting Kwik Sew 3338 right? Wrong! How about I think about a muslin instead of "practicing" on the real fabric. Wow, what if I used Pattern Review as a resource instead of just as a way to catalog my patterns and wish list? Hot damn, what if I actually read the reviews and figured out what alterations I may need to make? What if I would have thought about alterations before cutting the pattern? (I would have thought to taper to XL in the hips.)

I had a birthday between this series of posts and the Burda Skirt UFO. I'd like to think I'm getting older and wiser. I'm really hoping the wisdom starts kicking in before I pick up scissors. Oh well, I guess I'll be digging the pattern remnants out of the trash. Where's my tape?

So, here's what I learned from Pattern Review:

  • I may need an FBA (full bust adjustment) based on the amount of stretch in my fabric. It's not too stretchy, so I guess I'll be doing my first one. Random tangent: weeks ago, I had to argue my best friends down about my D cup. They just could not believe it. Shoot, I'd been in denial myself; it was with great sadness I donated my good C bras a couple of months ago. Things grow as you get older. If I think about the women in my family, I should've seen this coming.
  • I may want to add a couple of inches to the bottom. We'll see.
  • Stabilizing the shoulders with clear elastic would be a great addition. I gotta read up on that more and buy some clear elastic.
I keep telling myself to stop doing things late at night; I always screw up. Had I waited to cut the pattern until this morning, I probably would've remembered to taper to an XL. Oh well. Time to go through the trash.

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