Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anxiously Waiting

Waiting for Ruby to arrive. I have my fiberfill ready and I have some poly batting. All I need is her and the cover. The cover is coming from England. Did you know Adjustoform makes the Dritz forms? I realized that last night when I was in Joann's and trying to get a sense of how much padding the form would need. I walked away clueless about the padding, but I noticed that the box said "Made in England." Who knew?

In anticipation of her arrival, I've been doing some research on slopers. I'm going to go with the Perfect Fit from McCall's. I've been really studying my Palmer/Pletsch books:

Of course as I read, I'm sooo confident I can do whatever technique I'm reading about. Then comes reality when the pattern is in front of me. I know a dress form won't magically increase my sewing skills, but I'd like to think I could at least start getting the measurements right.

I've reprioritized my sewing projects. I have to have stuff I can wear to work now. In no particular order are:

Burda 8087 or Kwik Sew 3385. What I've discovered is the muslin I was going to use for KS3338 could be the fabric for KS3740. Hmmmmm. Is the only way to check for fit on a knit garment is to use another knit? Please say no.

Lastly, I've added what I hope will be the last two books I'll need to add to my library for a while. I got a highly-recommeded general sewing book by Reader's Digest. Folks can't stop raving about it.

I think this will be my last book on pattern alteration, The Perfect Fit.

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