Monday, September 14, 2009

My Sewing Space

My sewing space is a combined office and sewing room. It's a bit cozy now because I moved into a smaller place last year. What I love is that I can sew while facing a window. My space consists of two glass desks. Not entirely practical, but it works.

I mainly use the desk on the left to make pattern adjustments. I'm learning to cut patterns on it because cutting on the floor is killing my bad knees. It also holds the work in progress while I sew.

The desk on the right is where I sew. It's also where I keep my books and my "To Sew" patterns.

This is Virginia. (I have a habit of naming appliances. My KitchenAid stand mixer is Old Faithful.)

On to the fabric stash and notions. I have five matching storage bins. I'll get more soon. Underneath the left desk are patterns in one bin, fabric for desses in the bottom bin and top/jacket fabric in the top bin.

I got scissor-happy one Saturday a couple of months ago and cut three summer projects. I keep the cut stuff on top of the patterns. Muslin and pattern paper hang out on the floor.

Under the right desk, I have a bin for pants fabric and one for skirt fabric. I'm a big fan of Art Bin Super Satchels. I would like to add one more, the deep model, to the mix. Actually, I think I need two of those. Okay, three.

My rule has kinda sorta been not to buy any more fabric if it wouldn't fit in the appropriate bin. Unless I sew soon, I can't do any more fabric shopping :-( I got caught up Sunday at Hancock. The $1 off value fabrics was a great deal. I picked up some fall plaids and a couple of things for next summer. The chocolate brown I got for pants was $2 a yard. I went into the store to return stuff and get the last Vogue patterns on my wish list. $60 later, I had fabric for five projects and three patterns. And how could I leave without thread? I always get the thread when I buy the fabric.

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