Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quick Update & New Burda Patterns

I'm feeling better since my last rant. I'm working on Kwik Sew 3617. I waiting until my new copy of KS3740 arrives before I have another go at it. I cut instead of tracing the medium and I don't know how to grade the neckline and shoulders to a small.

I would love to have KS3617 that and Butterick 5394 knocked out this weekend. How happy I would be if they could make an appearance at one of my client meetings next week. I even completed a food post today (this is a miracle.)

Ruby has been re-padded and I think this is the best she'll be until I lose more weight. She starts off perfect at the top, but by the time I add all of the padding for the hips and butt and the tight cover, things readjust slightly. The cover also acts like a balloon in some places -- it stands out far from the form. I used packing tape to tighten it back up.

Now for the patterns. Picked up the McCall's yesterday and I added this Simplicity to the stash. It was one of those patterns I debated and debated. I ended up not getting it. When I saw it on Amanda's blog, I talked myself out of disliking the collar on the coat. I also realized the dress is the perfect sheath for me.

Pattern Review has new Burda patterns! I can't see these really well, so they are on the short list now and will get pruned later.

I'm in no rush for any of these except the jumpsuit. It's the only one for my skill level. LOL.

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