Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Little Frustrated & Disappointed

I took another look at the calendar and what I was proposing for my knit wardrobe. With the exception of the Hot Patterns dress, I thought I could get it all done by March. While I was home for work on Thursday, I worked hard on the muslin for Kwik Sew 3740.

I did a better job on the no-dart FBA. I noticed that on my last top, there seemed to be too much fabric on the side of the bust toward the armholes. I also thought the neckline was a bit big. On Friday morning it hit me. I am a 12 in the big 4 and an 8 in Kwik Sew! Of course this muslin and the previous top were too big in places. That was my disappointment. No worries, the muslin was still pretty. I would still finish it and give it to someone later. I would spend this weekend making a new muslin and perhaps finishing the top.

My frustration is that while I was home on Thursday, I noticed advertising on my Vox blogs. When I joined Vox, I distinctly remember reading that after so many months on Vox, the user could request to join their ad program and share in any revenue. From the way the doc was worded, I took away that there would be no advertising prior to the probation period and the user had to opt-in for any ads to appear. I was pissed when I saw ads on both of my blogs.

I tried to put it out of my mind because I needed to work on the shirt. By Saturday morning, I decided there was no way in hell I was going to allow Vox to financially benefit from any traffic I drove to its network. It really was the straw that broke the camel's back. Seeds had been planted last month when I realized tracking site traffic was nearly impossible and a couple of weeks ago when I learned you had to be a member of Vox to comment on posts. I had to go.

I spent all day yesterday moving each of the 22 posts, one at a time to Blogger. (Further confirmation that I was doing the right thing came when I had to search the Web to figure out how to export my blog. There is no export function in Vox!!) It's really like they want to hold your content hostage.

Thankfully, when you delete a blog on Blogger it saves the file and you can restore your blog. That's such a blessing -- I've been food blogging since 2007 and I started on Blogger. All I had to do was recreate the posts from September 2009 through now that were created on Vox. I completed most of the posts. My food posts are so picture intense that in the interest of time, I have a few of the posts in Blogger with words only (no pics or working links). I'll get to them later.

Last but not least, I have to adjust the dress form.  Again. Ruby has a 36" bust and she needs a 34.  I love Ruby. I'm glad I have her, but I dread having to do this because getting things right with her cover ain't easy.

So, it's aftert 5:30 and I haven't done a thing this weekend to move anything forward in the wardrobe. Now, I'm going to try to straighten up the house, look at the Christmas decorations that need to come down and get ready for work tomorrow.


On the bright side, One of the replacement patterns for M5241 arrived this week. McCall's patterns will be on sale starting Thursday at Hancock.  I'll be able to buy more fabric for the wardrobe (I live for those coupons.)  And, I'm a little over a month away from my new sewing machine. (I'm trying to see more of the positive side in every situation.)

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Susan said...

We have all been there. I'm sure it will start to come together in no time. I put aside a darted top that needs an FBA this weekend to try a no darted version, too!